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Globe Protocol

Globe Protocol

Team info

Teun Hendriks
Jasper Meijer van Putten


The Challenge 

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of their (lack of) privacy. This phenomenon is backed up with stricter legislation, especially in Europe, over the last couple of years. There is currently no transparency in sharing/selling/buying your personal data by third parties. This combination leads to the necessity that companies have to change how they handle their customers' data.

The Solution

A consent management network. A central place consumers can easily manage their consents and preferences towards all companies. Our platform allows for easy cross-company sharing, helps with a fair data value exchange, and enabling a win-win between customers and organizations. Unlike Big Tech companies, Globe Protocol never holds or sees any personal data. Our business model relies on companies embracing Globe Protocol instead of collecting and selling insights in consumers' personal data.

The Mission

We strive for a future where all companies have sustainable data-driven business models that perfectly fit your diverse privacy need. In that future, we see ourselves as enablers . Globe Protocol emphasizes that controlling your own data is not similar to excluding third parties from your data. Choose your own preferences, on a more level playing field.


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